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As a brand new venue, we are still learning and growing with every tour and wedding we host at Tune Farm. Your questions, wishes and requests are helping us create your dream wedding and event venue – and ours. Whatever your heart desires, let us know! Above all else, we want to do everything in our power to ensure that our brides and grooms, their friends and families truly do have the “best day ever” here at Tune Farm. And if your questions are not answered below, please email us at or call us at 256-784-5975!

Is it true that you provide "five full days" of access!?

It’s true! We offer five full days of access to the farmhouse, grounds and event barn for photos, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception – and decorating! We think your wedding should be more than just the “best day ever” – it should be the “best days ever”! For DIY brides, their families and friends, these sweet days can be as memorable as the wedding day itself – working together to create your vision and ensure that every detail is exactly the way you want it at Tune Farm. Wedding preparation can be intensely stressful, especially if you feel rushed in any way – and we want all the creativity and preparation that goes into the creation of your dream day to be joyful and fun!

Is there a place for the bride to dress before the wedding?

Yes, absolutely. On the day of the wedding, the bride and her party have exclusive use of the first floor of Tune Farm’s stately 5,000 sq. ft. house. We do not place a time restriction on the house’s availability, so you are welcome to arrive at the hour of your choice.

Are tables and chairs included in the rental price?
Tables are not presently included in our *Special Introductory Rate of $1,600. We do have 80 chairs available for your use for the wedding or reception at no additional cost.
Does Tune Farm offer church pews for our ceremony?

Yes, we do! We have 20 church pews, which will seat up to 130 guests and are available for a rental fee of $8 per pew.

Is on site parking available?

For Weddings and Events for up to 100 Guests we have two on-site parking options within easy walking distance to the Farmhouse, Grounds and Event Barn.

*If your guest lists exceeds 100 Guests, we will not be able to offer on-site Parking and must site the Parking for your Event at a lot that borders Tune Farm Property and hire a van and driver to transport your Guests. The price that we negotiate for the use of the Parking Lot ($50) and the van and driver is very reasonable compared to that of other van and shuttle services. The cost for this service will vary depending on the number of Guests and the length of  your Event, but average cost ranges from $150-$200 for a five hour Event. If your event requires the use of this parking lot and you would like to lower your costs by providing a passenger van and a driver of your own, that if fine with us!

Can you host a wedding for 300 or more guests?

Yes, we can! There are lovely, expansive, shaded outdoor sites that can easily accommodate large ceremonies & receptions. For indoor ceremonies and receptions, the 6,000 sq. ft. Event Barn at Tune Farm can accommodate up to 300 Guests, depending on the design of seating and table arrangement.  *For Weddings of this size we are not able to offer on-site Parking. We have access to a large lot bordering Tune Farm Property and can provide a passenger van for your guests for an addtional fee, depending on the number of guests and the length of time the van is needed for your Event. (See previous question for details.)

Does Tune Farm provide catering?

No, we do not provide catering, however we are happy to provide a preferred vendor list to assist you.

Can we use our own caterer or provide our own food?

Yes, of course! You are welcome to work with any caterer of your choice or provide any food items that you wish.

Can we serve alcohol?

Yes!  However, Tune Farm does not hold a liquor license.

If you wish to serve beer or wine only then you are required to have only a dedicated server.

If you wish to have an open bar serving hard alcohol and coctails, then you must have a certified bartender and there is an additional security deposit required.

*If you choose to serve alcohol, we require that you purchase a “Liquor Liability Policy” through WedSafe. The cost for this policy is very reasonably priced at $85 and provides addtioanl libility protection for you and us.

Can we decorate the Barn and grounds to suit our style?

Yes, absolutely! As artists and dreamers ourselves, we understand how important it is that your wedding is “yours” – your unique style and design down to the tiniest detail.

Is there electricity at the barn?

Yes, there is…and, to meet the needs of our brides and grooms, we have rewired the Event Barn from end to end with plentiful outlets and changeable lighting to accommodate your unique use and layout for your wedding and/or reception!

Does Tune Farm offer accommodation?

Not yet…although, one of the best things about Tune Farm’s location is it’s easy access to local hotels. With several well-known chain hotels in neighboring Cullman, just 10 miles up the road, your lodging needs, even for a destination wedding of 300 guests, will be well accommodated.  Click here for a map of local hotels.

*In 2018 we will begin renovation of the second floor of Tune Farm’s 5,000 sq. ft. 1919 craftsman house for lodging and to provide the option of honeymoon suite.

Is there anything else included in the price of the venue rental?

Yes! We have a growing collection of vintage and rustic decor items that we are happy to share for centerpieces and other decorative accents. *Vintage Inventory List coming soon! We also have table linens, chalkboard signs and many decorative frames for additional printed signage for your event. We have a rustic wood wedding arch and have 50 hay bales for decor, ceremony seating or a hay bale couch (and we have quilts and quilted pillows to dress the couch).

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